About us

Dr. Filiberto Di Prospero founded the WomanHealthGate (WHG) project in August 2013

Dr. Filiberto Di Prospero

AIMS: Woman Health Gate project is an international opertive action devoted to promote a better women’s health through a comprehensive and indipendent medical information.

Dr. Filiberto Di Prospero in past years developed a great experience in social and internet medical communication; that now carries on at an international level.

CONTENT: original articles produced by Doctors, Midwives, Medical Organizations and Health Professionals. Publication if free of charge.


AUDIENCE: women 18 years or older.

OWNERSHIP: Dr. Filiberto Di Prospero. Italy. No commercial purpose.


Dr. Yulia Tsvetkova - Associate Editor

Dr. Yulia Tsvetkova – Associate Editor

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