Filiberto Di Prospero

Filiberto Di Prospero

Medical Doctor, Consultant in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Endocrinology and Metabolism. Director of Gynecologic Endocrinology Unit at Civitanova Marche General Hospital (Italy). Private clinics in Civitanova Marche, Rome and Milan.

HPV Test versus Pap Test in Cervical Cancer Screening: which is better?

Dr Filiberto Di Prospero

In past years it was discovered that some Human Papilloma Virus (14 HPV types identified) are responsible for cervical cancer. This evidence led for the first time in medicine to have an effective vaccine against cancer but undoubtedly led to important changes on secondary prevention and diagnostics to. Although HPV infections are extremely common in women under…


vaginal candidiasis

In this article we are speaking about one of the most important parts of gynecology, the vaginitis. The VAGINA is a virtual channel (distensible) that communicates externally with external genitalia and internally with the Cervix; reproductive organ pelvic and median learn specifically devoted to sexuality and the passage of the fetus during birth. It is…

What tests for Infertility and Sterility diagnosis?

infertility, tests

Infertility and sterility issue are closely linked. The first is considered a difficulty in having a reproductive success while the other is a condition of impossibility and it can also happen that one of the two diagnoses may migrae during the investigations towards each other. It is also true that very often now Infertility and…

Miscarriage, Repeated Abortions and Threatened Abortion

threatened abortion

Miscarriage is unfortunately a very common pregnancy complication, probably more frequent than thought: in fact very often it happens so early that is mistaken for a simple menstruation delay. A miscarriage experience is common to many women and usually for a single episode are not required special gynecological controls. But when abort episodes are two…

Varicose Veins in Pregnancy

varicose veins

Venous insufficiency and Varicose Veins is a very common problem in women and in pregnancy normally tends to accentuate. Varicose veins are veins that have a dilated, exhausted and sometimes tortuous aspect due to a degeneration of the venous walls. Consequently, there is a lose of containment capacity of their digestive tube effectiveness with frequent…

Pelvic Pain

pelvic pain

In this article we explain the possible causes of Lower Abdomen (Pelvis) Localized Pain.  Many women experience Pelvis Pain at least once in their life, both acutely or chronically and symptoms length it is very important to identifying the cause. ACUTE PELVIC PAIN (of short duration) can also be particularly intense and generates a lot…

Aspirin and Preeclampsia Prevention (Gestosis)


Taking low doses of Aspirin can help future mothers at risk for Preeclampsia (Gestosis). When during pregnancy occurs a blood pressure rise associated with Proteinuria (urine protein loss) after the 20th gestational week we talk about Preeclampsia or Eclampsia (severe form). This syndrome in past years used to be called Gestosis or Pregnancy Toxicosis it…

The Mycotic Vaginitis – CANDIDA VAGINITIS

Candida Albicans

CANDIDA VAGINITIS (Vaginal Thrush or Vulvovaginitis) is a real infectious genital torment for many women. About 5% of the entire adult female population has 4 or more episodes of vulvovaginal mycotic during the year. Candida although in small concentrations is normally present in the Vagina along with other bacteria (more numerous), in particular Doderlein Bacillus; all…