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Obesity and Female Aging

menopausal abdominal obesity

Obesity in women has special moments of risk and age-related characteristics.  A very important medical and social problem. What role for estrogen in menopause?. Obesity is a major medical and social problem of our time and, in some countries like the United States, is a real medical emergency. In Europe, about 35% of the population has…

Main Diseases in Menopause


Menopause is a very important moment in the woman’s life. Despite being a physiological stage it’s linked to a variety of disorders. Short term Menopause diseases are the first to onset. They are: Disorders of the psychological sphere (particularly anxiety, irritability, depression, insomnia). Hot flashes (also called hot flushes) are annoying unexpected heat sensations with…

Early Menopause and Premature Ovarian Failure

early menopause and ovarian failure

I will try to explain in this article some aspects of the “PREMATURE OVARIAN FAILURE” and “EARLY MENOPAUSE” , some of the most controversial topics of modern gynecology. I have also written some books (both in Italian and in English) on this subject that  you can find it in the resource area of ​​this site.…