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vaginal candidiasis

In this article we are speaking about one of the most important parts of gynecology, the vaginitis. The VAGINA is a virtual channel (distensible) that communicates externally with external genitalia and internally with the Cervix; reproductive organ pelvic and median learn specifically devoted to sexuality and the passage of the fetus during birth. It is…

Aspirin and Preeclampsia Prevention (Gestosis)


Taking low doses of Aspirin can help future mothers at risk for Preeclampsia (Gestosis). When during pregnancy occurs a blood pressure rise associated with Proteinuria (urine protein loss) after the 20th gestational week we talk about Preeclampsia or Eclampsia (severe form). This syndrome in past years used to be called Gestosis or Pregnancy Toxicosis it…

Endometriosis: Prevention and Treatment

pelvic pain and endometrioiss

Unlike the past, Endometriosis now is a overtalked disease. I remember when,in an old article, I stated the importance to better understand this disease and the need to spread information about it in particular among women. Women awereness played an important part in the fight against Endometriosis and it led to a better understanding of the…