Some Technical and Legal Aspects about Accounts and Posts

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Here you will find some useful information to make more productive and secure your activity on this site. However remember that you ‘ll have to fully accept our conditions and terms of use and that you can publish (for now) up to 20 articles per years.

In this site we use WORDPRESS. This blogging technology has proven to be very user-friendly; on internet you can find many guides and communities that will help you in its correct use. For more informations we suggest visit the following link:

ACCOUNT is your “operations center” :
• preserve carefully and in a safe place your username and password;
• access through the appropriate box on the home page;
• once you are logged in, you can perform all the tasks associated with your role as Author;
• put all your basic and professional information, insert a recent photo, your website address and all the links to your Social Networks.

Remember that :
• you are the solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the informations provided;
• also make sure you always have all the necessary permissions;
• there are risks associated with the publication of information on the Internet, we can not respond and do not respond in any way for improper use by third parties.

The success of your ARTICLES depends on the quality of the content, their originality and usefulness for the readers.
Please respect our conditions and terms of use and remember that :
• the Author expressly waives any right to Copyright for the content posted in this site and undertakes not to publish the same content on other websites;
• articles published should never encourage or induce the reader to attempt self-diagnosis and self-medication, are subject to change in order of the graph; pictures and videos may be removed at our discretion and without notice;
• avoid excessive use of acronyms and technical terms; always considered that your articles are intended for a wide audience.

In the editing of the Article please note the following recommendations (including SEO):
• The title should not exceed 70 characters and must be strictly relevant to the content, possibly including at least one or two keywords;
• at the beginning of your post (first 2-3 lines) you always make a very brief introduction using the Heading H2 tag from the Paragraph menu; in this short introduction set out what you want to offer in terms of solutions or new knowledge;
• posts should in the range of 1000 – 4000 words (maximum) and not exceed 6000 characters in total including spaces; you can use Heading Tag H2 and H3 to emphasize some relevant chapters or sections;
• identification of patients is not permitted; others recognizable people must approve you before online publication;
• always insert in the provided space a concise description of your post limited to a maximum of 156 characters; in this description insert the main keywords (maximum 3);
• enter what you think the main keyword of your post in the provided space and remember that the same keyword (it is preferable) should also be present in the title;
• write the TAGS (maximum of 6) representative of topics in the provided space;
• choose one or more categories (maximum of 2);
The system will automatically enter the date and time of first publication and the last modification / update;

Final details:
• EVERYTHING IS SENT AND PUBLISHED will never be returned, then kept a copy for your future needs;
• we reserve the right without notice to cancel and restrict excessive or inadequate resources .
• your articles once deleted from the site will not be stored .
• the publication of articles or supply of free account for posting on our website does not amount to a recognition of the quality and authenticity of your work; no certification or attestation is due on our part.